“Dare not dare,It’s my fault,I am shortsighted。”


Qin Shi looked at Mr. Zhou,Smile。
Mrs. Zhang is a little embarrassed,Until just now,Everyone still thinks this painting can’t be real。
But now Mr. Gao Ziyu proves it,No one is suspicious anymore。
but……What is the connection between Gao Ziyu and Qin Shi??
Old lady Zhang smiled:“Mr. Gao,You can come,I am flattered,Please sit with me in the main seat。”
Gao Tzuyu is the idol of Mrs. Zhang!
Gao Ziyu waved his hand,Said:“I’m sitting with Miss Lin and Mr. Qin。”
This relationship,Not ordinary!
Today’s protagonist, Mrs. Zhang, doesn’t give any face,But to sit beside these two。
Other people can’t figure it out。
And Zhang Yan said to Zhang Cheng on the side:“Hey,It’s good to be pretty。”
Zhang Cheng glanced at Zhang Yan,Doubt asked:“sister,What does this mean?”
Zhang Yan snorted,Glancing at Lin Yun。
“you still need to ask?This old man looks like a very powerful character,Do they deserve to know?”