Huang Lei looked at two people like Song and Zhang Bai, who looked at them.。


At the beginning, these two guys didn’t react,Until Huang Lei’s eyes kept sweeping towards the ground,Sweep in the direction of Chen Jie,The two of them woke up,Know how one(qíng)condition。
Song continued to sit,Like what(qíng)Nothing happened,In fact, he has been observing the state of Chen Jie, Chen An, etc.。
As for Zhang Bai’s Bai, he squatted down,Don’t know what’s doing。
Internet cafe is out of power。
The game reached the final critical moment,Sudden power outage!
Chapter Ninety Nine Hypocritical villain
All the people who were watching started cursing at this time,I think the other party did it on purpose,Why didn’t the power go out early,No power out,Power outage at this time?
Internet cafe owners, network administrators and others also hurriedly started to live,What are the reasons,Why did the power go out suddenly?,This is something they have never encountered before,Their Internet cafes are not just Internet cafes,They have backup power。
Even though it was something that might be out of power instantly(qíng),Reasons for backup power,Won’t immediately turn off all the machines,You can continue to use it at this time。
Why else are these generators bought??
But this time is different,This time obviously something went wrong,Don’t know what went wrong,Internet cafe suddenly went out of power,This has almost never happened。
“what’s up?Why is there a power outage at this moment??What is this broken internet cafe,It’s so pissed off,Seeing I am about to win。”
Everyone sighed at this moment,Chen Jie also stood up,A look of anger。
Everyone looks at him,It’s just a glance,Although not much,But every rao’s eyes are full of contempt,It also means that everyone knows that you may not win,Big situation will lose,But Chen Jie in front of him wants him to win?