This is Zhou Chen’s uncle,Otherwise change to someone else,He waved away early。


“Then tell me,What’s the bad feng shui in this place?”Ni Shaoguang with his back,Said with a smile on his face。
Mo Xiaosheng raised his head and glanced at the storefront,Said:“Actually speaking from Feng Shui,The location of this shop is not bad,It can even be said to be excellent,Gate facing south,The lobby is spacious and bright,For prosperity,And it’s at the junction of water dragons,Triangular window,People and cars passing,Easy to get rich,At the same time, the water dragon is slightly bent due to the terrain.,Land of nine songs,Embracing makeup,For double water,Accumulate wealth,Really good fortune。”
“Wang Xuan,What is a water dragon?”Zhou Chen asked Wang Xuan in confusion。
Mo Xiaosheng’s remarks are more professional,Wang Xuan can understand,But Zhou Chen is at a loss。
“Is the road。”Wang Xuan explained to him。
“Oh,The road is the road,Return water dragon。”Zhou Chen couldn’t help but mumble。
“Young man,You do have some research on Feng Shui。”
Ni Shaoguang with his back,There is not much reaction on the face,Because if Mo Xiaosheng can’t even see this,Then he doesn’t deserve to say he knows Feng Shui,these things,Anyone who has studied Feng Shui can tell。
“Since you said this is a lucky land,Why don’t you let me open a restaurant here??”Ni Shaoguang squinted and asked with a smile。
“This involves some metaphysical knowledge,I can’t say clearly for a while,In short,Although this land looks like a lucky land,But there is a bad omen,Even if I say it specifically,You don’t understand,Anyway you listen to me,Don’t open a shop here。”
Mo Xiaosheng explained,His words are not boastful,I just thought it was useless,They don’t understand at all,It’s like saying that Zhou Chen didn’t understand the water dragon。
“I don’t understand?Young man,You are really selling big axes in front of Luban。”Ni Shaoguang said with a smile,I stiffened my chest,Quite arrogant。
Mo Xiaosheng was startled when he heard this,Don’t understand why he said this。
“Niche,Shame,It’s all because I deliberately sold off on the road just now,Didn’t tell you。”Wang Xuan scratched his head embarrassedly。