The 28-year-old health boy suddenly fell down while running, still in the ICU!



But the vascular condition is not as good as the old man

The 28-year-old health boy suddenly fell down while running, still in the ICU!
But the vascular condition is not as good as the old man

On the morning of the 19th, a man in the Yuquan Campus of Zhejiang University suddenly fainted. From the photos provided by netizens, the ambulance of Zhejiang University Hospital was parked next to the man. The doctors and nurses turned around and surrounded him to do something for the man.

Doctor: The 28-year-old boy’s blood vessel is worse than the 90-year-old man!

The reporter then contacted Fang Hao, the director of the emergency department of Zhejiang University Hospital, who was responsible for the rescue of the man at the time.

She said that when she arrived at the guidelines at 10:40 on the 19th, she found that the man’s breathing was gone. 鈥淚 immediately rescued, used a defibrillator, then artificially breathed, stepped on it, and spent about 10 minutes. I haveImmediately after breathing your heartbeat, wear a balloon mask to breathe.

The person running next to him said that the man was running and fainting.

I look at the situation, the cause of cardiac arrest may be caused by arrhythmia.

On the morning of the 20th, the reporter came to the Zhejiang Hospital again. The parents and Xiao Liu’s younger brother looked sad and sat at the door of the ICU.

Dr. Song, the attending doctor of the intensive care unit of Zhejiang Hospital, said: “Xiao Liu’s vascular calcification is very serious. According to the truth, the 20-year-old boy will have a very smooth blood vessel, but on the contrary, hepatic calcification leads to insufficient blood supply and blood vessels.The health status is even worse than that of the 90-year-olds. Sudden fainting is estimated to be related to this situation.

It will be more difficult to recover afterwards, and it still needs to be observed.

“Cold calcification stenosis like Xiao Liu, ordinary physical examination is not detected, unless coronary angiography, some CT and other deep physical examination.

Usually love health: fitness, swimming, playing basketball, insist on running 10 laps Xiao Liu’s father said that his son’s eyes blinked in the morning, with a little reaction.

They are from Jinchang, Gansu. Their son came to Hangzhou two years ago and is 28 years old this year.

After graduating from high school, Xiao Liu began to study the Internet on his own, and then worked in an IT company in Hangzhou. Later he resigned to prepare for his own business and rented it next to the Yuquan Campus of Zhejiang University.

At around 12 noon on the 19th, he received a call from his son, but he was called a woman and asked if his son was studying at Zhejiang University. His running fainted.

“I thought it was a liar and I hung up.

After a while, a man called, I asked him that my son has awkward characteristics, he said that a weak child.

Later, when I watched the video, it turned out that I quickly rushed from Jinchang to Lanzhou. It was already more than 1 in the morning by plane to Hangzhou.

Xiao Liu said.

They can’t figure out how they can, the son will suddenly faint, the cardiovascular calcification is so severe: the young man is 1 meter 85, usually loves fitness, swimming, playing basketball.

There is no congenital genetic disease, a small cold and a fever must be there, but usually a few days.

In the past six months, I have been running 10 times in Zhejiang University every day.

The reporter consulted Dr. Xu Yuzhou, a cardiologist at the First Hospital of the City. He said that cardiovascular calcification is actually coronary heart disease. It is common in middle-aged and elderly people in their 60s and 70s. Young people in their twenties rarely get sick.

After vascular calcification and tension hardening, insufficient blood transfusion causes insufficient oxygen, causing the heart to lose its regular beat, causing severe arrhythmia, dizziness or sudden death.

Xiao Liu also loves Chinese medicine. When he was in high school, he often read “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” at home.

The mother had a little to see the old Chinese doctor. When talking about his son’s situation, the old Chinese doctor also proposed to accept him as an apprentice.

At home on the weekend, Xiao Liu occasionally stewed Sydney, hawthorn.

“My son is very well-born. He smoked it last year. He also smoked a few occasions. He went to bed early and got up early at home. He never stayed up late. He was very particular about eating and eating. He never liked to eat unclean things.

“Little mother said.

At noon on the 20th, Xiao Liu’s high school classmate Xiao Kong came to the hospital to visit him.

Xiao Kong said that because of the lack of work in the past six months, Xiao Liu’s mood is sometimes not very good.

I liked to go to a library in Liangzhu to read some literary books in the past month. The source of income is also to earn some money by writing a manuscript, holding three or four thousand pieces a month to earn a living.

“But when it comes to the future, he will avoid talking.
鈥?His life is really very particular about eating and drinking. I rent a house and tap it to boil, but he is dirty and usually drinks pure water.

Said Xiaokong.

Xiao Liu’s father is very grateful to Dr. Fang Hao who was treating his son at the time. 鈥淚f there is no timely treatment for her, I will not see my son.
鈥?At the same time, I also target young people, and I have to do an in-depth physical examination every year. The body is the capital.”To pass the blood vessels to drink these 3 cups of water to keep the blood vessels open, is a long-term thing, drinking more water is the best, the most practical method of blood vessels, remember to drink these three glasses of water!

1, half an hour before going to bed, half a hour before going to bed, drink half a cup of warm water, it is very helpful to reduce blood viscosity and prevent blood clots.

What is the half cup?

About 300 ml or so.

Of course, it can be adjusted according to individual circumstances, which does not affect sleep.

2, after getting up in the morning, you should also drink a cup of warm water after getting up in the morning. Slowly drink with a small mouth, you can reduce blood and reduce the burden of blood vessels.

Note that it is best not to drink cool white water in the morning, not to drink ice water.

3, except for the night, except for drinking water in the morning and evening, many people get up in the middle of the night, and it is good to get a warm water in the middle of the night.

But pay attention to the right amount, just a small mouth, so as not to affect sleep.

There are also 6 strokes, which can raise good vascular plaques and become larger, and accelerate from the age of 30.

Although the aging of blood vessels is irresistible, a good lifestyle can slow down the aging process.

In life, pay special attention to the following six aspects.

1, diet should pay attention to high-oil, high-salt, high-sugar and other “heavy taste” processed diet, resulting in blood thickening, aggravating the burden of blood flow.

Be sure to pay attention to the balance of the budget, eat more fruits, vegetables, less greasy; more cooking, less fried; also eat some food called “blood scavengers”, such as onions, sweet potatoes, oats, hawthorn and so on.

2, smoking cessation limit alcohol and tobacco is the nemesis of blood vessels, the study found that the viscosity of smoking and alcohol in the blood is more than 8 times higher than normal.

Therefore, stay away from tobacco and alcohol is the key to ensure the health of blood vessels, but also pay attention to stay away from second-hand smoke.

3, not staying up late at night and night is easy to disrupt the biological clock, so that the body secretes too much adrenaline and norepinephrine, so that blood flow slows down, viscosity increases.

It is recommended that everyone must have regular work and sleep before 11:00 every night.

4, adhere to exercise can enhance heart function, to promote systemic blood circulation, reduce blood viscosity, but also the metabolism of “bad” substances in the blood.

Walking, jogging, climbing and other aerobics are good choices.

5, the mood of pleasure research found that laughter can release pressure, protect the vascular endothelium, and make the blood circulation more smooth.

When the mood is relaxed, the blood pressure of the person is relatively stable.

Life should be as optimistic, open-minded, and cheerful as possible.

6, regular physical examination to develop regular health check habits, pay attention to their own weight, waist circumference, blood pressure, blood lipids, blood sugar and other indicators, so that they are controlled within the normal range.

Once the data is abnormal, you should consult your doctor promptly, actively intervene and treat, and minimize the risk.

Every year you have to do a deep physical examination, the body is the capital!

Forward reminder source: Guangzhou Daily