“Demon!”Lin Fengnan is ugly,There is no doubt that this is the soul of the soul is a special attack of Lin Feng.,And broken soul bell,The demon fish is a level of the gods。


The ancient bell continues to ring,It seems to be able to crush a person’s soul,Night Qing Dynasty horn spilled out a hint of blood,Her face is pale。
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I spit out the same sound like a thunder in the cold mouth.,Her body swept horrible lightning。
Thunder sound,It’s like a thunderstorm that fried in the empty space.。
“Big thunder!”
“Big thunder!”
At this moment, I was clear and the cold.,Her voice is very bright,Terror,But formed a lightning imprint,These lightning imprints crazy sweaters swept around,Horror。
In the middle,It seems that there seems to be the anger of the Buddha Zulin Temple between the Tiandi Lei Yin Temple.,The sound of these thunders is in the sea from Huangquan.,Shock the sound of the ancient clock。
The voice of the ancient clock actually confused。
The thunder sent in the cold mouth is getting faster and faster.,This is the soul attack in the big thunder.,The big thunder knife is never given http://www.zfdyj.cn up.,At the moment of life and death crisis,She realized the soul attack technique in the big thunder knife。
I can’t think of the cold cold in the night.,Like a blessing,Naturally,It’s like a hammer of thousands of times.。
The power of horrible soul is striking in the void,Collision of horrible power storm,The two stocks actually offset each other.。
The soul of the soul is more powerful than her,But her speed is very fast.,The whole is more than the soul。
Scary lightning imprints crazy swept,Like the storm。
The devastating soul wind wave is constantly impacted in the void,Voice of harsh impact。
Night clear face,Darkness is cold,Her clothes hunting,The white man is holding the sky,A powerful war rising。
It’s like a http://www.newstart123.cn righteous gun, the sound of the sound of the lights.,She is bombarded by a gun in her hand.,The power of terror is directly stabbed to the source of the soul.。
Dramatic collision sounds again。
The source of the soul of the soul is also transmitted by horrible power fluctuations.,Just is weak than night cold,And when the night is cold, attacking the soul of the soul,The bell of the soul is clearly weak.。
“Thunder soul attack method,This gimmick gave me a surprise too much.。”Huangquan is the Lord to look at this scene。
“it is good,it is good!”Lin Feng also called well,The heart is shocked.,It’s too fast to comprehend the night cold.。