No more opportunities to open the other party,Direct interrupt phone。


Subsequently to the opposite direction,“The earliest half night,The latest tomorrow morning,He will come。”
“Thank you。”
Ning Yuan’s grateful color,“No matter how,I owe you a person。”
Summer doesn’t matter shoud,“What can I say clearly?,But I am curious.,Why do you think I will help you?。” “I said before,Collected a lot of news about you。”
Ningyuan low eyebrows,I don’t want to let summer see the strangeness in my scorpion.,Also,“Your all kinds have shown,You are a grace,Side line,This is rare。”
Toned,Also,“So,Even if I arrange Ou Wen want to calculate my mysterious energy,Although it is exposed,But I personally came to explain to you and apologize.,I dare to guarantee,You will inject me at most,And will not do it for me。”
Summer mouth is not allowed to check。
It seems that the other party has deeper him.……Not,Exactly,Some people like him,By investigating what you have done,Analyze your character。
In those people,He is a butcher with a cold blood.。
“Do not say these。”Summer swing hands transfer topic,“Since I don’t know you,How do you think about him??”
“You are wrong.,Not I face him。”
Ningyuan’s pale cheek is with,“Should be in turn,Is he why should he think of how to face me?,All,It is he does not have a man’s responsibility.,Award,And my mother didn’t forget him.,The reason why I am,But it is the source of the mother.。”
Summer explorates chin,“I feel that you and the character of the Junlun are much different.,He except for a minimum bottom line,Doing anything almost,It can be said that the organ is。”
Ning Yuan also laughed,“Nothing is strange,I am not just raising.,In fact,The most influential,Is my mother,And I……Father。”
Speaking of that father,Ningyuan’s eyes are complex。
The man is not his biological father.,But it is really good for their mother and son.。
Even if the other side has long known that Ning Yuan is not his own biological son,But still treat him as yours。
Compared to Jun Lin,He is just a stranger with the opponent’s blood relationship.。
The father is really affection with his father.。
Life is so wonderful。
Summer and Jun Lin do not die,But it is very happy with Ning Yuan.。
Nearly at noon,Ning Yuan leaving。
He went out of the tea house,After getting on the bus,The driver is slow to start the car,Soon the traffic in the street。
Sitting behind the car,His face is looking at the scenery of the window.。
For a long time。
He received his attention,One angle of mouth is complex。
自 自 自 自,“Master,Is this what you said?,Let me contact him through his enemies.……Is this made me a weakness??”