Women’s eyes swept than two people,Faint,“The importance of the killing conference,You also know,so,I don’t want any pool.。”1t


Two people look,Qi Qi Ying,“Yes!”1t
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NS1168chapter Confuse
When summer returns to the home house,Everyone’s http://www.ycfsjc.cn everyone has left。1t
Ming Dynasty and Chujiang Yu are leisurely chess。1t
And Liu Qingqing is smiling and sitting on a while,And from time to time, add some tea for two elders.。1t
Scene looks harmonious and beautiful,Artistic conception。1t
“Ha ha,Jiang Yu, you lost。”1t
The old man suddenly laughed.,Flavor,Chess,“Trough,Dead bureau,Hahaha。”1t
“and many more,This step is not,I went wrong.……”1t
Chu Jiang Yuxi scratched 耳,Immediately put the father’s chess pieces back to the original place,Let Liu Qingqing, Liu Qingqing, sole。1t
Such a scene,She is not blamed.。1t
When Chu Jiangyu was in Qinghai,Easy and Victoria chess,But what is Go……And often regret。1t
“Not with you,You are too stinky,Xiao Tian,Come with me to play chess。”1t
The old man smiled and walked to the summer.。1t
He at this moment,Can’t see the previous part,Red http://www.igaoer.cn light,Spiritual。1t
Chu Jiangyu and Liu Qingqing also looked over。1t
But compared to the two old people,The wipes between Liu Qingqing’s eyebrows,I finally disappeared.。1t
Welcome the three people,Summer laughing,Sitting on the opposite of his father,“it is good。I also want to ask my grandfather.。”1t
Narrate,Chujiang Yuxi,“You will,I have a small black to go outside.。”1t
Small black is an old black dog,It is said that the military dog who has won the war.,Just now I have entered the old age.,Daily lazy in the outer wall of the hospital。1t
“Grandpa,I will go with you。”Liu Qingqing also stood up。1t
After two people go,Summer and the old man have been put on the horse,Summer is free to walk a header,At the same time,“Ancient Wenshan died,But not killed by me。”1t
Paused,Supplement,“The poison is also under the ancient mountain,However, the people behind are a organization called abyss.,”1t
Father jumped a step horse,Quietly listen quietly。1t
“Just when I am ready to kill ancient town,A guardian called an unsuccessful appearance……”1t
There is no one in the summer.,Excelled yourself in the ancient family,Very detailed, I said it.,No missing detail。1t
Although he is mind,But some things are http://www.shuandi.cn speculative,Need to stand in a higher place to see clearly。1t
Until he said,The old man has no opening。1t
Instead, I screamed.。1t
for a long time。1t
Master looked up,Not awkward,“Your doubts are nothing more than three points。”1t
He reached a finger,“First,The guardian named unsuccessful is clearly killing you.,But but repeatedly。second,Different people appeared behind,Why did you kill ancient Qingshan?,I don’t say any sentence.,Third point,You curiously the identity of mysterious women,After all, she has sacrifice……District,I am right.?”1t
Summocks nodded。1t