Mike continues to come,Watching meaning,“I said that you kill the king of the king.,External overbearing,Brother friend。”
Merely,His words turn,“But in my opinion,You will be dragged down by these people sooner or later.。”
Summer laughing,Do not speak。
http://www.lijin-lawyer.cn “Summer,This time, many people have come。”
Mike continues to take progress,Ambient,“Many of them are your enemy,For example, Paradise Mountain is coming.,Even if you have a ring,If they know what you are here,I am afraid that I will not let you go easily.。”
“Then let them come.。”
Summer face,站 冷 光,Follow-up,“Monica is gone.?”
“That’s good。”
Summer nice head,Push the wheelchair slowly turn,Go to the school direction,“Nothing……”Not finished,Sudden discoloration。
A extremely unpleasant pre-hit。
Dangerous to the ultimate feeling。
I don’t want to think in summer.,One-piece,Pushing a wheelchair suddenly。
Still a late。
One-handed sword,Darkness,Mangmang。
As if there is a black flame in the sword,Caused a black flashing。
Summer, although I have been avoided,But still being left a bloody in the shoulder。
Subsequently, he flew him and his thunder in a huge force.,狠 砸。
Summer is instantly popped up,Two colds in the eyes。
The sound is a cold bone,Like from Jiu Houfei,Staring at the opposite Mike。
Michara,The sword is completely wrapped in a black energy package,That is the power of the scepter。
His face is indifferent,Just a little surprised,Regret with a silk。
Fang Tiki,But he is full of hard work,And behind the sneak attack,It’s just to make the summer slurt.。
This makes him feel http://www.bcaofan.cn very shocked.。
“I judge you hurt.。
I didn’t expect to judge the mistake,You are really not hurt。”
Summer repeat。
Behind the wound,Bloody flowing。
But he seems to feel pain.,Slow and powerful。
“I don’t want to。”
Mike,Black cold hair stars,“But not long ago,I get a message,You……You are the future of the Huaxia Emperor.?”
“Just because this?”
Summer a pair of scorpion ice is like a blade,Under the sword meager,Their Hole’s cheek emerged with a strong murder and anger.。
Previous time,He really has no preparation。