Should it be cold?


Should it be cold?

Qiuku became popular for the first time, from a word by Su Mang, editor-in-chief of Fashion Bazaar.

She said that fashion people do not wear autumn trousers, she can also wear around.

Qiu pants became popular for the second time, from a microblog of actor Chen Kun, “There is a kind of miss called: forget to wear Qiushui!

There is a kind of cold called: forget to wear autumn pants!

“The autumn trousers became popular for the third time. It originated from Suzhou’s” autumn pants door “. There is a landmark building because some people think that the shape resembles the autumn trousers, so they” shot while lying. ”

The nickname is that autumn pants are not the white moonlight in your and my heart, but the cinnabar mole, but it is also a small thorn that cannot be discerned.

You wear or don’t wear them, and the autumn trousers are there, not fat or thin; we are here, and continue to discuss the legend of autumn trousers.

Small survey 20-30-40: Did not wear-wear it-two days in the morning, did you put on autumn pants?

The reporter did a simple small random survey.

20-year-old age group: 7 people, only 1 wears the 30-year-old age group: 7 people, 3 people have already worn the 40-year-old age group: 6 people, 4 people have put on some people say, there are 3 kinds of people who will tell youBe sure to wear autumn trousers. The first is a mother at home, the second is a lingerie seller, and the third is a doctor.

Do the doctors wear autumn pants?

The reporter randomly asked five doctors, two of whom did not wear it, but they said that they would wear it if it was really cold.

The doctor advises you to wear these conditions 1.

Females: Doctors with scars on the days of each month advise that women have those days every month, so they must keep warm.

Many women have heard of the term “Gong Han”. If they are frequently invaded by cold, it will be very troublesome for women.

The most prominent symptom is that the menstruation may be disturbed, with a small amount, dark color, and blood clots, or dysmenorrhea.

In addition, women are also best to wear autumn trousers during pregnancy and motherhood, because the resistance is relatively weak at this time, if you do not pay attention to the lower body to keep warm, once exposed to the wind, it may even aggravate the disease, but also easily cause other diseases.

Of course, when you wear it depends on your physical fitness.

For example, some people with yang deficiency are originally afraid of cold. After walking into the bed at night, they have cold hands and feet for a long time. In this case, you should choose a pair of autumn trousers. If there is some physical constitution, you are really not afraid of cold.Wear it, it’s not too late to wear it when it’s colder.

But if you wear only one pair of trousers all winter, it’s still a bit thin.

In addition, some women now stick warm baby on the abdomen and soles, so that the hands and feet and abdomen are warm, and people are not afraid of cold.

The doctor said that this is also a good way to protect against the cold, but it cannot completely replace the autumn pants.

“There is also a time limit for warming a baby. Besides, you can’t always cover your whole body, such as the skin of the tibia, legs or other parts, and cold and wet can also invade. In the long term, it will always make you uncomfortable.

” 2.

Arthralgia: Frozen again, be careful of broken joints. In the outpatient department of orthopedics in the recent hospital, patients with arthralgia are swarms, old patients, and many new patients. Among them are young girls and handsome guys.
Some guys are so swollen with high blood pressure that they don’t want to wear autumn pants.

Doctors say that keeping your knees warm this season is very important. If you freeze it now, it will quickly make you suffer.

In addition, in the elderly, people who have knee injuries or have knee disease should wear autumn pants as soon as possible.

Winter in Nanjing is cold and wet. This cold is especially bad for joints.

More than just the knee, patients with neck and shoulder pain have also recently increased.

However, the damage levels of these are generally not up to the digits.

The knee pads, like the warm baby, can be partially warmed, but cannot completely prevent the invasion of cold and humid air in Nanjing.


Cold legs: keep warm if you do n’t want an amputation. We ‘ve all heard “cold starts from the soles of the feet.” But there are people of this type who have colder legs than ordinary people, and they are cold and cold. Such people have to hurry.Wearing autumn trousers to keep warm, otherwise the consequences would be serious.

This kind of cold legs and feet is actually a phenomenon of “old cold legs” caused by vascular complications of the lower limbs. Most of the elderly are in general, but now more and more young patients with chronic diseases, “old cold legs” are younger at the same time, those 30-40If you are a year old, if you have a bit of metabolic syndrome and you don’t pay attention to keeping your legs warm, you have to beware.

Doctors said that such people are prone to cold and afraid of cold. If they are forced to get cold again, their condition will worsen and they may progress rapidly.

Some patients suddenly start to have leg pain, thinking that it is a joint problem, in fact, the lower extremity blood vessels are occluded.

This condition is dangerous and if it is too severe, it is possible to have an amputation.Everyone’s lifestyle is much worse today.

For example, some people have floor heating, take a special car to go out, and the company turns on heating. For this group of people, autumn trousers are indeed not significant.

But for more ordinary citizens, wearing autumn trousers is still the simplest and effective warming measure.