Eggshell inner membrane to remove blackheads



Eggshell inner membrane to remove blackheads

Do you know the blackhead of the egg shell?

Everyone’s body and skin are very different, and they always encounter different problems at different times. If you want to be wasted, you must fully understand it. Let ‘s take a look at how the inner membrane of egg shells go to blackheads.

  How to remove the blackheads from the inner shell of the egg shell, and remove the blackheads from the white boiled egg mask 1. Punch the cooked protein into small pieces, 2 and put it on the body to massage in a circular motion.It becomes a dense state like a moisturizer. Don’t give up at this time. It is best to massage the skin as if it completely absorbed the protein. It will rub out the dry protein 3, wash it in water, and remove the eggs.Blackhead 1, prepare a clean cotton pad, tear the original thick cotton pad into thinner sheets, the thinner the better; 2, open an egg, separate the egg white from the yolk, and leave the protein part on standby; 3,Dip the torn cotton pad into the egg white, drain it a little, and apply it to the nose; 4, wait for ten to fifteen minutes, and carefully remove the cotton pad after it is dry.

  Third, remove the blackhead from the inner membrane of the egg shell1, remove the film from the eggshell and paste it on the nose to smooth it; 2, then use a small hair dryer to dry it, and then take it off tightly; 3, this is veryOK!

Adhering to the previous, not only removes blackheads, but also shrinks pores.

  how about it?

There are so many ways to make blackheads in an egg, the production process is so simple, and the effect is very good!

Hurry up and try it out!

  Further reading: Use the inner shell of the egg shell to remove blackheads. Note that because the egg membrane dries off, it will feel a little painful. To prevent large pores, we clean it after removing it, and then apply ice to the face.Then the pores won’t get bigger.

How about this little trick? Okay, here ‘s the little trick about the girl ‘s blackheads, because I ‘m going to “take action”