Carefully break up to cause death and peace. Keep in mind four points


Carefully break up to cause death and peace. Keep in mind four points

Break up and kill someone?

A man in Chongqing negotiates with his current girlfriend and ex-girlfriend about their relationship.

Before reaching an agreement, his girlfriend jumped into the river, and the man followed.

Now his girlfriend is angry, but also chose to take a leap.

In the end, the ex-girlfriend was rescued, but the current girlfriend sank into the river. A farce led to the end of a flowery life.

Emotional disputes have also become the interests of many couples and couples. When encountering exceptional people, excessive entanglement will only hurt people and harm themselves, and the above consequences will eventually occur.

So, how to break up gracefully and still be friends after the break up?

  Principle 1: Do n’t break up WeChat, SMS, email, message and other high-tech information dissemination systems through SMS, email is not the best way to end romantic relationships.

  Make things clear face to face. Even calling is more sincere than text messages. It is a shame for both to end a relationship. This is the best choice that both parties are unwilling to see but have to face.

But regret does not mean shame. If you do n’t even want to face the final conversation directly, then the seriousness involved in getting involved is very doubtful.

  Principle two: sincere, direct, and adhere to the principle. The main purpose of face-to-face communication is to make clear the meaning of what you want to explain. It should be frank and direct. Go straight to the subject and discuss everything to avoid minimizing harm.The on-line introduction of the problem makes the problem worsen endlessly or confrontational confrontation.

  You need to know that no one is wrong in the relationship, just that two people cannot change to each other’s like or wrong.

Recognizing this, don’t think about what is wrong and who is right in the end, and you can accept the fact of breakup intellectually and peacefully.

  Principle 3: Can a friend break up in the same way as above? The most basic ending is that you will not be at least enemies. Except for the sorrow, sadness, sadness and other normal psychology of a broken love, there will be no resentment., Extreme emotions such as anger.

  Calm down with each other first, start a new life each, interrupt all contact methods, and don’t make excuses to disturb each other, this will only keep the wounds inflamed.

  Principle 4: Buying and selling is not a good thing. You are looking for new activities, looking for friends to divert your attention.

After everything is on track, after you have completely recovered yourself, if you think that you still need to be a normal friend with him, and that you will not have any interference and influence on your current and other people, then you can try the hand of friendship.
  Becoming friends after breaking up, in fact, you need fate just like falling in love. If it is not appropriate, you may miss each other.

Treating the other person as a sudden passer in life, a passer-by who helps him grow up, occasionally being grateful and occasionally nostalgic, is actually good.