In bed, women need to return to refuse


In bed, women need to “return to refuse”

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銆€銆€Therefore, ladies should not be shy and yell at your voice, because it definitely helps the male partner to exert his potential in bed.
銆€銆€Winking and teasing To achieve “both inside and outside”, the following points must be indispensable, otherwise those before the meeting will be exhausted.
銆€銆€When entering, the woman can inadvertently lick her lips with her tongue, or throw a wink, these small movements have also made the man feel bloody and the heart beats faster.
銆€銆€There must be paying. Women always feel that when they start to live in emotional life, they must “snap and pet”, because after a long time, when they feel fresh, they will become another person.
This idea certainly makes sense, but it does not apply to love.
銆€銆€Some women know that their boyfriends are very accommodating to themselves, and it is easy to make many demands on him, and they gradually become more and more serious. The other party seems to be obligated to satisfy himself.
銆€銆€Worst of all, the woman asked for more, but forgot to pay, used to screaming and drinking to the boyfriend, and then came on, but he never offered care, just think about the man who can endure for a long time?
In the end, it will only make men escape.
銆€銆€If you really can’t change your habit of arrogance, you should also make a little change to match the balance.
銆€銆€Clever appetite Many women think that the less they wear on the bed, the more sexy they will make men’s sexual impulses. The opposite is true.
銆€銆€Men always have a voyeuristic attitude, but they are more looming and more excited. A set of sexy perspective underwear, in addition to highlighting their own advantages, is more stimulating men’s visual experience.
銆€銆€In addition, the undressing skills should also pay attention to, do not let him want to take off, and should refuse to let him succeed in the refusal, when the enthusiasm burns the most prosperous when they take off themselves; or squatting the other party does not pay attention, take offHis pants made him unprepared, and his sexuality naturally improved a lot!