Since Lang Faqian said,Wang Jun still didn’t let Xu Ying live,He really didn’t dare to risk the live news program。


It can be seen that,It’s not difficult to understand that Lang Faqian lost his temper with Wang Jun because of such a small matter.。
Ding Yi knows these things,He heard from Wang Jun,She even told Wang Jun,Willing to give up the live broadcast position to Xu Ying,Don’t make the station embarrassed,She’s still doing her job——reporter。At that time, Wang Jun said:“You are the gold host in the station,Audience recognition is very high,No one can go down。”
Ding Yi said:“I always make mistakes lately,Maybe I adjust for a while better。”
Wang Jun said:“Not that serious,Just pay more attention。”
Nong three groups of live hosts,Obviously, it is a waste of a prefecture-level city TV station like Lang Zhu,Wang Jun originally thought of adjusting the corresponding program on the second anniversary of the May 1st live broadcast,Add a group of live programs,But obviously some people can’t wait。
this time,Lang Faqian came to the live broadcast room again,Personally supervise the quality of live broadcast,Conceivable,If you don’t arrange for Xu Ying to go live,,I am afraid that Minister Cai Feng will also come to the live room to personally supervise the live broadcast of the news program。
Wang Jun looked at the old leader,Said with a smile:“You said that Xu Ying will be live next week?”
Lang Faqian was taken aback,Although this is what he wants,But after all, it’s not easy to press,Just said:“What do i say?You are the director,I’m a director who is so specific?”
Wang Jun smiled,Said:“I can see,Xu Ying won’t be live for a day,You always come to me all day long。”
Lang Faqian:“What is your attitude?The reason why I came here more often,Not because you always make mistakes one after another?The leader blames it,Which time didn’t I hold you up?”
Wang Jun smiled,Said:“You should,Who made you the leader?Not to mention,Or the leader from the TV station,such,Let Xu Ying come next Tuesday,But first look,If it doesn’t work,Or if the audience reacted strongly,Have to win,No one can say it by then,Or I, the director, give way,You can do both,Minister Cai can do both。”
Lang Faqian knows,Please God is easy to send God is difficult,Once Xu Ying is live,,Can’t take it down,Wang Jun just said hard things,He said:“Ugh,is there any method,Minister Cai asked twice about this,If it works, you have to let Xu Ying try it,You don’t even try it,When the leader asks, I have nothing to say。”
Wang Jun said:“You know about Xu Ying,When the host grand prix,That ranking obviously takes care of her,Just after half a year of internship, it will be live broadcast,I really don’t want to make fun of the show,But in that case,She can try,But the subtitles cannot be played‘host’,Want to fight‘Trainee host’。”
Lang Faqian:“Technical matters are up to you,Only she was on the live broadcast,I can explain,Otherwise, when Minister Cai tells you in person,you、I’m much more passive。”
that’s it,Wang Jun, a man who has always been known for his business as the first element,This time also to“relationship”Made a concession。