According to reports,If the world can really enter this nine void,You can see who you are,See my past and future,Even encounter some unexpected strange encounters,And will completely change your life。


Can see the past,Maybe it may not be what everyone wants;But if you can foresee your future,But it is a dream that countless ordinary people have delusioned for thousands of years,not to mention,Or there may be unexpected encounters in Nine Sky Unbounded?
Xu Fu models come,Survive for a thousand years,Sure enough, more knowledge than the average person。
“How can we enter the Nine Sky and Unbounded?”Mu Yingxiong asked。
“do not know,It can be said that no one knows,After all, the person who entered the Nine Horizons has already passed away,According to legend, it takes the power of the most good or the power of the most evil to enter the Nine Sky and Unbounded”Unnamed result question says。
“Doesn’t that mean,We still know nothing”Bai Suzhen asked。
“Not all,I guess Xuanyuanjian should be able to open that world”Anonymous。
“Xuanyuanjian”Three people meditate for a while。
“Please show the sword,Help me wait to enter the Nine Sky and Unbounded”Wuming took the lead and bowed to Xuanyuanjian。
“Please show the sword”Xu Fu、Mu Yingxiong、Bai Suzhen worshipped Xu Fu。
Xuanyuan Jian rises slowly,A batch of long swords。A crack appeared between heaven and earth,Through the cracks,Another world appeared in the eyes of several people。
Xuanyuanjian fell into the hands of No Name,Wuming took the lead in entering the new world,Xu Fu、Mu Yingxiong、Bai Suzhen followed him into the new world。
Nine Sky Unbounded,Fantastic,Between nothingness and reality,After several people entered Nine Sky Unbounded,Keep moving forward along the corridors of the world,The whole world is like a long tunnel,Every lot place,All have light spots,Each light spot represents the essence of martial arts of an era。