The same moment, the white hand is taking the body of Qin Guangwang。


Qin Guangwang face,He wants to avoid,Can also avoid,But when you think about his speed,He bite his teeth,Directly to reduce a level of speed,And this darkness also interferes with his speed。
Still not avoiding,Qin Guangwang was written in the back of the cold,The body flew out directly,His mouth overflows a hint of blood。
The darkness is also disappeared at this moment.。
Turn the king and the king of Chujiang,Qin Guangwang failed,This hasn’t arrived yet. ?This is defeated.。
“Predecessors。”Night Qingwangwei Wang Dao。
“very good,very good,You have learned three clear,Darkness,Gods!”Qin Guangwang looked at the night clear:“You are a half-step, you repair it.?”
“good,I am a half-step situation.!”Night cleansing。
“it is good,it is good,it is good,Really, the emperor of the night,This game you won!”Qin Guangwang Road:“Regardless of which aspect,You are enough to serve as the Lord of Huangquan,However, Huangquan rules should be observed,I now support you for the Lord of Huangquan.,The same previous gambling is also fulfilled!”
NS689chapter Re-exposure
Night clear and quiet:“You only need to honor the gambling.,As for the seat of Huangquan,I have not considered it for the time being.!”
Tell this,Qin Guangwang is colorful,Rotation,The King of Chu Jiang is also colorful.,They can’t think of the night and cold。
Everything is now equal to,Night Qing cold can defeat Qin Guangwang,You can defeat the other two,Her combat power has been shown,It’s enough to take a time to teach 10 breathing under the three people.。
Don’t even say ten breaths,The strange one is three clear enough to let her escape.,Guild Wars no problem。
Furthermore, the realm of the cold now is here.,Just a while,Even if they are full, I will not be cold in the night.。
For three or five years,Or after ten years,They can’t imagine。
So just talk about the night cold,She is now the Lord Huangquan,She can control Huang Jian Zhong,Become a leader of gold forces,Enjoy a lofty position in this world。
Say a saying goalless,Even if the leaders of major gold forces around the world and the world’s political governance, I don’t dare to see the night.,Because her back is standing in Huangquan such a worldwide killer organization。
“You really determine?”Jun’s speechless figure,no doubt,There is no suspense in his heart.,Such a root seedling red,Where is the talent of the talent??
The team of heirs is also the problem of all the headaches of Huangquan in recent years.。
“As they said,If I enter Huangquan,I have to obey Huangquan rules to do things.。”Night cold laugh:“But I care about my loved ones.,Qinglong Chamber of Commerce,If I press the big position,But because of rules, you can’t help them,I can not do it。”
Jun is speechless,This is indeed a problem,Rule can’t break,This is the rule of Huangquan thousands of years.。
Especially Huangquan belongs to the killer organization,Who gives money,Who is doing things,Huangquan does not participate in the battle between the world’s major forces。
If it is the position of Huangquan’s Lord,But not to interfere with the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce,Qinglong Chamber of Commerce wants to do things,Can,Must take the corresponding remuneration。
“How about this,This matter is waiting for Huangquan’s main noord.。”Tang Yao smiled and walked up:“Cold,Don’t be busy,Strive to discuss a compromise。”
“this is not OK!”Qin Guangwang,Chujiang Wang,Turning king three have spent。
“Do you let you inherit a big place??Leading our Huangquan toward weaknesses?”Jun said no words:“One half-step sky,The young Tianjiao characters at the same moment have one or two of the world.,Did not rely with any medicinal medicine,And also controlling the law of the soul attack,That is to say, it is also very fast in the realm of half a http://www.yuyaoshop.cnstep.,Condense,I want to rely on the heritage.!”
When I said, I said that when I said,There is a kind of sound feeling。
Tell this,Chujiang king,Rotation,Qin Guangwang looks awkward,They want to refute,But the sentence is true.。
“Ok,When this matter, the old master came back and said.。”Chu Jiang Wang Wen Yan slightly。