Wang Lijing:“Market?What quarter?”


“Stock market,Look at Wang, this reaction,You definitely not stock?”Wu Fan laughs。
Wang traffic suddenly:“Don’t understand,Not touched,The stock market is risky,Stock……Stock?”
Chapter 72 Super Bull City(Recommend)
Wang traffic is free to say,The deep mind suddenly remembers a memory,Like a thunder,Directly scattered wine,The sound suddenly,Tightly gaze Wu Fan,Condensate:“What year this year is this year??”
Um?You drink big.,What is the name of this?……Wu Fan foggy water,Laugh:“99Year,Wang Qi Gui people have forgotten?”
99year、99year……Wang Liu is two times,The more you read, the wake up,A little one night,Originally, some are already aware,This moment,A pair of eyes,He is,The last wave of super big bulls at the end of this century,Rising519Market,It seems to be this year.?
Wang traffic does not stock,But this wave of voices have also heard of,97Year Asian Financial Crisis,98Anthropical flood,99Year super big bull market,Three things,Just like the three era imprints at the end of the century,Experienced,Little unknown。
I have been busy,Almost forgot this,Now Wu Faili reminded,Memory is like a flood,Sweep,The more I want to be more excited,How do you say that?
People are not rich,Horse no night grass is not fat,Now, he is a fortune chance.,Since it hits it,How to get it to do one vote。
make up your mind,The Wang Flow has gradually cut the eyes of Wu Fan.,I personally poured a glass of wine.,Invite:“Please ask Wu Manager to eat last time.,I didn’t care now.,It’s hard to meet today.,Come,I respect you a cup,Just give you a loss。”
Wu Failuan:“Wang is always polite,I can’t pay attention,How about this,I spend the Buddha,Receive you a cup。”
Wang Liu haha smiles:“No matter what is made by the head,In short,Dried this cup。”
Said to play with Wu Fan,Both people drink。
Put down the wine glass,Wang traffic does not move:“Just listened to Wu by manager,how,Stock market quote,Is it good now??”
“not bad,Two years of bear market lasted,The foam accumulated in the past few years has been digested,The market value is close to reasonable,The bottom is consolidated.,Recent policy is slightly loose,It is a good,Market reaction is very active,The stock price has risen。”Wu Fan nodded。
A two years,Finally saw spring,Think about him happy。
Although the king did not understand,But I feel very reasonable, I feel very reasonable.,Continue asking:“If I want to stock,What is the good suggestion for Manager Wu??”
“how,Wang also wants to enter the stock market to try water.?”Wu Fan looks at him at a glance。
Kid:“He said by Wu,A little idea。”
Wufan nodded,Sink:“Now look at,Financial sector outlook is very good,Central bank,Money environment continues to be loose,Non-silver financial industries should have a wave market。
Secondly, the technology sector,Now the US stock internet concept is very hot,Drive technology stocks continue to rise,Domestic is now popular,Affected by US stocks,Science and technology version of the market for a long time,It should also be very good。”
Saying,Cautious:“But just like Wang, I said.,The stock market is risky,Everything is possible,Analysis is thorough,It is also possible to choose the wrong,Especially novice,If Wang, if you want to go,It is best to carefully,Learn about the stock market in advance。”
Is this a disliked me??
Wang Flow,Laugh on the face:“It’s ok,I do not understand,Find a knowledgeable person helping me don’t do it.,Hengchang is a securities company,There should be an agent account opening、Entrusted business?”
Wu Fan’s heartbeat,Hesitate:“What is the meaning of Wang??”
“It is what you think.。”Wang flows to see the mountain pass:“I want to enter the stock market.,But I don’t understand this.,So please ask if Wu Manager helps me open a household.,And agent trader,Trading stocks for me,it should be no problem?”
“No no。”Wu Changbi opened a eye。
The main business of the securities company is the agent sales of securities,And Wang traffic is a big customer,Practice to send the door,How to push the truth。
“Wang always rest assured,We must give you a discount price,General fees are three thousandths of transactions,We receive yours,If it is delegated to buy and sell,The profit section is still drawn,Standard is20,First cooperation,Let’s receive you10,How do you see?”
“no problem。”The king is refreshed and promised.。
It is rare to meet this wave of quotes.,Say everything I have to go in,Unfortunately, he did not stock in the past.,Just listen519Big Name,Which stock gains to the specific situation is not known。
The trader, the god horse is completely do not understand,I want to fish this ticket,Still handle professional things to professionals to do the best。
Invigorate,Intersection commission is normal。
“That `s a deal,I will go to the business department to open an account tomorrow.。”
Wu Fan reminded:“I am afraid that I am not working tomorrow.,May Day is still in a fake?,Company does not open。”
Wang traffic shoots head,Self-ridieving:“Drink more and drink too much,I actually forgot this.,Then wait for May 1 to return,I will go find you again.。”
“Row,I am waiting for you.。”Wu Fan should be under。