A thought。


Sleeve《Ruyi》Break out,Piercing rope,Lin ran out from above。
The forest on the ground is angry around the ground.。
That rope was gone。
Mysterious mystery,Disappeared mystery。
Strong danger feels always stimulating the sensory of the forest。
To hide the enemy,He has a means。
In an instant,Lin’s shoulders grow like two heads,There are four pairs of arms。
If there is a person in the room,This moment of forest sound and a monster,It will definitely frighten mental disorders。
Grow out《Three-headed》Rear,Lin live clouds and light legs are sitting on the ground。
When the rope appears,Lin’s six-arms caught hard to pull down。
The hidden ghost is directly pulled down from the roof.。
This ghost drops,Hand grabbed the rope,A pair of evil,It seems that Lin is owed by him.。
Be all right,Is a deceased。
I didn’t expect him to have a fierce ghost.。
Change into a ghost!I have to find a devil,This is wrong.。
Chapter 88
Lin ring a thought launch。
《Ruyi》Immediately fly to the evil spirits。
This ghost has just http://www.hzaipeng.cn formed,Kill a little bit,It is arrogant when it is arrogant.。
See《Ruyi》Flying it,I think this is also the knife sticks used by the people.,Fundamentally unable to cause any injury,Even if you rushed up。
Lin looked after this scene,Tongue,I feel that this ghost is a little stupid.。
Make a change:Maybe it is powerful to hard《Ruyi》NS?
Obviously impossible。
《Ruyi》Directly penetrate this ghost。
It stopped in the forehead of the forest,The rope in your hand is enough to go to the neck of the forest.。
Unfortunately, it can’t move forward.。
Ghost,Has lost most of the memory,But it still keeps the arrogant,I feel that I am so dead in the hands of the death.。
Why can’t you kill your own things and those weapons of those who die in it??
Why do you get through your own spirit and strange damage??
http://www.lvgenhai.cn Unhappy。