“Ha ha,You can laugh,Of course, arrange a few beautiful sisters to accompany you,I think you are under too much pressure,Have to http://www.qwoxki.cn relax”Sisi talking,Slipped off the armrest of the sofa,Sat on Xia Jian’s lap,Sat down。


My days,Such a beautiful woman,What do you say is not good,Why do men sit casually on their thighs,Xia Jian’s mouth is dry,Push is not,Not push nor,What are you talking about。
Sisi saw Xia Jian a little uneasy,Even better,Deliberately rubbing her tall chest。Xia Jian said silently in his heart,I’m Liu Xiahui,Who sit in my arms,I’m not messed up。
Time goes by,Sisi ran out of mixed solutions,Teasing heartily in Xia Jian’s arms,Although Xia Jian’s face flushed,,But he never jumped over the thunder pond。
The door opened again,Li Na walked in drunk,She waved to Sisi and said:“All right,You go upstairs!Leave this ice to me!”
Sisi got up,Cast a wink at Li Na,said laughingly:“He is not ice,But a piece of pig iron”Woman finished,Giggled and walked the door。
Li http://www.dg523.cn Na just sat down on the sofa opposite Xia Jian。Well-dressed Li Na,Mixed body is full of temptation to men,Especially when she sits down,The spring light under the skirt is unobstructed,I don’t know if Li Na deliberately let Xia Jian see,Still inadvertently,Anyway, her legs are spread apart。
Xia Jian raised his head,So say coldly:“I’m looking for Chen Sanqiang”
“Mentally,Why are you looking for Chen Sanqiang to run here?,I’m kind of a woman here“Li Na giggled。
Xia Jian ignored her,But took a breath and said:“I and Tao,Only you know his whereabouts“
“All right,Can you find me,Explain that you did not forget me at least,Treat me as a friend,Let’s not talk about him tonight,We only drink and chat,of course,Women can have,Successful man,Can’t do without wine“Li Na said,Stood up,Opened the wine cabinet in the room。
Xia Jian hurriedly http://www.wfshicheng.cn stood up,Speak loudly:“Since you treat me as a friend,Where shall we sit down?You don’t need to drink this wine“
“OK!As long as you can tell a truth about not drinking,We don’t drink”Li Na hiccups,Walked back a bit shaky,Sat down again。