Chinese medicine health care top ten perilla leaf health recipes can not be missed



Chinese medicine health care top ten perilla leaf health recipes can not be missed

Cucumber mixed with cucumber material: 500 grams of cucumber, perilla leaf (red, green brown) 100 grams.

Seasoning: salt, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil, white vinegar, sugar.

Production: 1.

Wash the basil leaves, add salt and kill, chopped.


Wash cucumber, peel, cut into silk, add a small pot, sprinkle with salt, MSG, white vinegar and appropriate amount of sugar, mix well, then sprinkle the sliced basil on the cucumber, topped with sesame oil, served on the tableMix well before, put it in the plate, you can eat.

Features: fresh and refreshing, unique flavor.

Soft fried perilla leaf material: 200 grams of perilla leaves, 50 grams of fried flour.

Seasoning: salt and pepper, 250 grams of edible oil.

Production: 1.

Wash the leaves of basil leaves, dry them with a cloth, and place them in a plate.

Fry the fried powder with the right amount of water.


Pour the oil into the pot, immerse the basil leaves in the prepared frying fry, and fry the oil in a frying pan until the golden flour is removed from the pan.


After all the fried, sprinkle with salt and pepper to eat.

Features: crispy and fragrant with a special scent of perilla.

Fresh perilla leaves are popular in Guangdong. Although they are less spicy, they are rainy and heavy, eat spicy and damp, and increase appetite.

Perilla is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, and the fresh perilla leaf is warm and pungent. It has evacuation, qi and scent, and is often used as an alternative.

The big fish head is the head of the carp, and the head is extremely fat, so it is called the big fish head.

Some people may think that it is of poor quality. In fact, the squid is not uncommon, especially the taste of the fish head is “beautiful.”

It is no wonder that Guo Moruo tasted poetry after tasting: “There is no such thing as a life, and you can eat a big fish head.”

Fresh basil rolls a large fish head and sprinkles powdered pepper, which has aroma, deodorization, detoxification, and dampness.

Ingredients: 15 grams of perilla leaves, 1 large fish head, 3 slices of ginger, and a small amount of raw onions.

Cooking: The basil leaves are washed and chopped; the fish head is opened, washed, washed, salted and marinated, photographed with dry powder, oiled under the ginger, the fish head is slightly fried, splashed into the Shaoliqueur.
Add 1250 ml of water (5 bowls), boil until freshly cooked, under the basil leaves, the onions are slightly rolled, and the salt can be served.

Does this amount attract 3?
For 4 people.

Method of perilla leaf fish soup: Take fresh fish and wash it. The fish is slightly fried. After that, the big potato pieces are stewed with the big bones. The soup is gradually white like milk juice. When you start the pot, sprinkle a piece of basil leaves and the fish is delicious.It will be strong in a flash.

In the literature, there is a record of perilla “leaf can be eaten raw, and fish is good for taste.”

Choosing a good cockroach, the sable should be cut into thin filaments, and the white bone porcelain plate will be filled with another. The chopsticks are pointed to the perilla and take a spoonful of fish. This kind of eating is really a very windy month.

Perilla leaf porridge 1.

Ingredients: 100 grams of previous rice, 15 grams of basil leaves.


Seasoning: brown sugar.

Method: Take the rice porridge with rice all the time, porridge into the basil leaves to cook a little, add brown sugar and stir well.

According to the fact, the perilla leaves have the effect of opening the lungs, releasing the cold, and the qi and qi, and matching the existing rice with the spleen and stomach to form porridge.

Suitable for cold, cold, cough, chest tightness and discomfort.
Perilla porridge is a good stomach and heat-relieving food.
Basil fried snail material: snail, basil leaves, sand tea sauce, garlic, cardamom, salt.

Method: Put the oil on and boil, pour the garlic, basil leaves, sand tea sauce, cardamom, etc. into the pot and saute.

Add the snails and stir fry, put a proper amount of water, season with salt, stir fry until cooked.

Thicken and pour the cooked oil.

Perilla kimchi material: 30 pieces of fresh cranberry leaves, kimchi, chili powder, garlic, salt and sugar.

Method: Put the kimchi and all the seasonings into the dish, place the perilla on the kimchi; then cover the leaves with a layer of kimchi and seasoning; pickle overnight, the taste will go in.

Features: This is a delicious side dish, often cold in the winter, people who are not appetizing.

Kimchi is rich in vitamins and contains energy to replenish physical nutrients. It is good for relieving fatigue.

For pickled basil, take one kilogram of green plum with one kilogram of sugar. Wash the plums and soak them in concentrated brine to remove the astringency.

Three or five days later, the plum has a soft three-point, go to the pedicle, wash the plum with the originally soaked salt water, and remove it into the pottery.

Divide the sugar into ten parts, first add a piece of white sugar and a glass of rice wine.

In another compartment, fresh and purple perilla leaves were harvested and dried, and after a few days, the plum juice was piled up with plums, and the perilla leaves were evenly scattered.

Add a sugar every other month until all the kilograms of sugar have been added.

Although the purple samovar is stored longer and more delicious, it is often the time to open the first time, everyone will not be able to take it, a large plum, silently bottomed out.

It’s crushed and cooked. It’s cool to bring the drink to the famous purple plum tea, which is suitable for summer heat.

If salted, it is good to bring tea and rice.

Perilla leaves drink 1.

Ingredients: 3-5 fresh leaves of perilla.


Seasoning: white sugar.

Method: Wash and drain the basil leaves, add into the cup and brew with boiling water, and add sugar to a refreshing drink.

This drink has the effect of strengthening the stomach and relieving heat.

Healthy people in the hot weather can enhance appetite, help digestion, prevent heatstroke and cool down, but also prevent colds, chest and abdomen fullness and other symptoms.

Perilla leaf soup group 1.

Ingredients: 300 grams of perilla, 1000 grams of glutinous rice flour.


Seasoning: white sugar, lard.

System of law: 1.

Wash the basil with clean, drain the water, fry in the pan, let the pan dry, grind, add lard, and mix the sugar into a filling.


Put the glutinous rice flour into boiling water and mix well, put it into a powder group, enclose the stuffing into a raw broth, cook in a boiling water pot, and serve in a pan.

This broth consists of succulent rice with spleen and spleen and stomach. It has the effect of wide-ranging appetizer, qi and lung.

Applicable to cough and asthma, chest fullness, poor appetite, indigestion, constipation and so on.

Spleen and stomach weak diarrhea are avoided.