“Successful promotion!”Four big red characters appeared on the screens of the five people sitting in a fashion Internet cafe along with the special effects of golden fireworks,Zhao Ping and Zhang Song jumped up happily!


“Yay!Won!”Even Cao Anna in front of the laptop called out,Woke up the roommate who just fell asleep。
On the other hand, Shunzi is surprisingly calm,He is in the post-match statistics hall,I saw the messages sent by the fellows of Black Wind Mountain in the public chat channel:
Black http://www.360jzfw.cn Wind Mountain Monkey:“GG……”
Blackwind Mountain Racer:“Not seen in a month,Grew a lot!As expected of the rookie I brought!Oh no,Newcomer……”
Blackwind Mountain Sergeant:“Congratulations,unfortunately……We downgrade……”
Then comes the tiger’s message:“No more money for this bill,Call me back next time?”
King Heifengshan suddenly said:“Next time?Next time??How about disbanding Black Wind Mountain?……”
Several people in the Army of Flowers and Grass did not expect to win the opponent’s relegation match,No wonder they hire a great god to train,Suppressed the Flower Team10More minutes……
“King,Do you think you have no money,Don’t pay us a salary,The few of us won’t talk to you?”The ringing horse said at this moment。
“Is not it?”Liu Banshan asked。
“of course not,We actually knew that your money was spent,Thank you for your care over the past two http://www.tyblwd.cn years,That’s why we have fallen in the army、The feeling of being at home……”The military teacher said with a smile。
“original,You all know?What are you doing here?”Liu Banshan doubted。
“Of course we won’t go,Because we are good brothers!No matter how you are,We will never abandon you!”The monkey looks at Liu Banshan on the side。
“Yes,I almost forgot,Old horse、Lao Jia、Lao Hou, we are brothers who lie down on the rocks and weeds of Heifengling……”Liu Banshan cried and said。
“woo woo woo woo……”
“Beyond the Stars”Network club,Everyone in Heifengshan hugged each other and wept bitterly,Created a very embarrassing,But very warm picture……
the next day,The army of flowers and plants has been prepared,Successfully upgraded to2Legion,Too much100Member quota,versus1The number of deputy heads。
Feng Xichuan immediately appointed Shunzi,Became the second deputy commander besides Zhang Song。And under the coordination of the straight,After the Black Wind Mountain Legion was downgraded, all the players who flowed out were all joined to the Flower Legion.。