“thanks!”Blue Xin instantly happy,“Come,We also love dumplings,Eat more。”Blue Xin smiled and put the dumplings half in the bowl of Lu Hao Cheng.。


This exhibition,It is a special product concept and the charm of the characteristic product concept and leading fashion http://www.leshengwenhua.cntrends.,She must go see。
Clothing at the show will not exceed100set,But each set of clothes is the design fashion of technology and sensibility。
Lu Haocheng looked at her smile.,Also said:“Blue,This exhibition,There will be an autumn and winter fabric color lecture,and,Clothing design industry,Gathering from the world,Dissap the world,Completely embrace globalization,Comprehensive input journey。
Technology、Creativity、design、Talent、brand,Integrated,Our Lu Group,Will stay at the International Fashion Show,Autumn clothing,I am very satisfied,Winter,You must also start preparing!”
“it is good!”Blue Xin nodded excitedly,“Hurry!”Just go to internationalization,She also moved to success.,Blue Xin’s heart is expecting。
Lu Haocheng looked at her happy,Happy in my heart!
Blue,I like clothing design from my little.,I http://www.shenzhen-jipiao.cn will let you carefully design clothes,Full of global,Your Dream,Let me help you。
And apartment building,Community in the garden,Bench,Sitting two models of small people。
The two are blue and blue.。
Blue son looks at my brother,A pair of small hands are rapidly rapidly tapping on the keyboard,Grand eyes,He laughed:“elder brother,What do you want to do your computer??I haven’t said that I said half a panic in the Mommy.,She let me bring my computer back.。”
Lan Qi Jun looked at him,Quick stare at the computer screen。
“Ran Ran,elder brother,Self-use,Soon, just fine!”
He sent him a trackeripaddress,Mom hard work,Never be plagiarized。
Sudden,See the word Lu Yi Group。
Lanzhi handsome eyes are full of haze。
It turned out to be Lu Yi Group,Lu Yi Group,It is Lu Haozheng’s father.。
How can I be in Lu Yong Group??
Blue Lu Jun suddenly confused。
He is everything about Lu Haozheng,It is known to know the roots.。
He is awkward,Turn the computer。
Blue sight,Distressed blinking。
This is a high-profile computer, a new computer,I accidentally gave it broken by my brother.,He will feel distressed。
Lan Wei Jun stands up,Look at your brother,“Blue,We go home。”He is quite cold,Blueness, I can feel the brother’s anger.。
He gets up,Point,Silently follow the brother。
Blue Lu Jun suddenly asked:“This time I come over for a few days.?”
“what”His sudden problem,Let the blue and sorrowful,Think about it,Some are sorry:“About five days,First take the endorsement of the Luke Group first,Then go back to the movie。”Movie is very tired,He wants to refuse,But,After bought a house,Their family has no money。
Mom’s salary,To bear the life expenses of their five people,Everything is saved。
http://www.schongji.cn Hey!
Fight,I have been waiting for this time.。
NS265chapter:He is late for many years,How to make up for

NS265chapter:He is late for many years,How to make up for
Lan Lu Jun said:“Ran Ran,Thanks a lot。”
Ok, this time I helped it.,otherwise,Conditions now,To buy a house in Jiangyou,It’s really tough!
“elder brother,fine,I am very busy.,I have learned a lot of things.,Every day, it is busy.,I will have today.?妍 又 有 经 经 经 经,No one dares to be difficult。”Blue son said this,Not exaggerated,really,He has been in half years,Walking down。