“Although evil beasts and humans have different body structures,But as long as the change http://www.shfriends.cn is reasonable,Then you humans can still practice the combat skills of our evil beasts!”


Fuming swallowed,This seems a little difficult,How can you change your combat skills?,Even if changed to,Whether it can be used or not。
“Hehe,My worst trick has been fixed,It depends on whether you have the courage to learn!Don’t blame me for not reminding you,One step you went wrong,Gene damage in the body,Is it important?。。。”
“What about?”
“Hehe,Damage to gene lock in the body!”
Frown frowning,My face is cloudy,Struggling,Do you learn!
Long Yuan is not in a hurry,Time passes by“I learn!”Fuming suddenly speaks,Firm voice。
“You think about it”Long Yuan said。
“Think about it,Since I have to take a different path,I’m already prepared!”
“Hey,Then I will spread the combat skills to your brain,Whether you can succeed depends on yourself!”Long Yuan transmits information http://www.jlsongshui.cn to Fuming’s brain,Fuming feels that there is something in his mind‘Real Dragon Hand’Is that combat technique!Combat skills are divided into three types‘Turn over the clouds’‘Split’‘Overturned’。
“call”Fuming took a deep breath,Mobilize energy in the arm,The energy gathers in the arm meridians little by little,The pain followed,Fuming facial muscle twitching,It hurts too much!
Fuming and the whole body energy burst,The energy moves a little bit in the meridians,This is still after tempering,I can’t imagine how I would practice this combat technique without tempering!
Energy is slowly forming on the arm,Slowly became the shape of a dragon claw,Long Yuan was very nervous watching all this in his body,Is this kid going to create another miracle?!