Periodontitis can easily induce a variety of diseases


Periodontitis can easily induce a variety of diseases

In people’s impression, dental caries may be the most easily encountered tooth problem, but in fact, complications of periodontitis have a “latecomer” situation, coupled with periodontitis may cause other parts of the bodySome kind of disease, therefore, the person’s first “gateway” to foreign affairs is called “moving the whole body.”

  Once you have periodontitis, it will cause gingival swelling and tooth loss, which will lead to oral odor, which will bring a heavy psychological burden on patients, and even organs may become “revolutionary.”

As a result, periodontitis can induce stomach problems, respiratory infections, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, etc .; complications, which can lead to premature birth or low birth weight, make new mothers caught off guard.

This is because when periodontitis with periodontitis carries a large number of bacteria, its toxins can enter the blood, causing the blood to circulate to the body and cause various diseases.

Therefore, it is important to prevent periodontitis.

  First of all, develop the habit of doing regular health checks.

Even if there is no abnormality in the oral cavity, it should be checked semi-annually, and the armor can detect the problem in time and treat it as soon as possible.

First, learn how to brush properly.

Although brushing teeth is a homework that people must do every day, if the method is not right, they will get twice the result with half the effort, even without brushing.

The toothbrush should try to choose the soft hair with small head, so that it is not easy to hurt the teeth. When brushing, the toothbrush surface and the tooth surface are at a 45 degree angle.

Third, toothbrushes cannot take care of every aspect of your teeth. It is best to brush your teeth again with dental floss and interdental brushes.

Even if you have n’t eaten, you ca n’t omit brushing your teeth. Brushing your teeth does not remove food, and more importantly, removes plaque.

  How do I know if I have periodontitis?

  Bleeding when brushing your teeth is the most obvious big signal in the early stage. At this time, you must rush to the hospital for treatment.

Don’t think that bleeding from the gums is a minor problem, don’t take it for granted; don’t assume that you have a serious illness such as a blood disease, and go to a doctor.

With the help of a stomatologist, it is wise to make a preliminary diagnosis and then prescribe the right medicine.

  If you really have periodontitis, the first thing to consider is washing your teeth.

Some people mistakenly believe that “the gap between teeth will grow bigger and bigger, the gums will shrink, and you will feel uncomfortable when you touch the cold water .” Actually, it is not the best time to delay the washing.

As long as it can be treated as soon as possible, even if the loosened teeth can not be restored to the original state, and the periodontitis does not continue to worsen, it can be completely done.

If it is really delayed until later treatment, it is difficult to say whether the teeth can be kept, and various diseases caused by periodontitis will also swell in groups, and then regret it.