Keep your spirits



Keep your spirits

According to the suffocation and cultivating method, it was said in the interview by the chief of the mountain.

He said: “I am nearly eighty years old, and my spirit is very good. My fitness experience is: Keeping the arrogance of the eternal spirit, always raising the god of the emptiness, no matter what to say, closing the eyes and raising the spirit” first of all to keep the universe awesome.

Every morning, especially the first day, the second day, the third day, the fourteenth, the fifteenth and the sixteenth of the month, choose a place with fresh air, facing the south or facing the east, standing or sitting like a body, relaxing all over the body.Calm down; both arms and hands hold the universe from the side of the body to the front.

Hold the hand to the top of the head, turn the palm to the Baihui point, and think that the universe is so clear and clear, from the Baihui into the midrib, so that the brain can be washed, enhance vitality, so that the chest, abdominal cavity, heart, liver, spleen and lungs are nourished.

Then both hands slowly and gradually exhaled the body’s turbidity, began to do 3-9 times, slowly increased to 21, 36, 49 times.

銆€銆€With a smile, close your eyes, feel your head cool, your chest and abdomen are abnormally open, and you have a cool and comfortable feeling in your body.

銆€銆€Essence: sit still and look at the god of emptiness.

When you are quiet every day, or before going to sleep at night, sit still with a double disc, single disc, sitting alone, with both hands on top, palms facing up or two little fingers crossing the inner and outer labor palaces, pressing in front of the lower abdomen, the eyes are slightly closed, Imagine:There are some light spots behind the navel, turning from red to white, slowly forming a balloon, turning slightly in the abdomen, first 21 turns from left to right, then 21 turns from right to left.

Then approaching the life gate, the air and light radiate to both kidneys, making the two kidneys feel warm and comfortable.

Then he rolls to the liver area, dares to turn into cyan at the same time, and radiates to the liver cells and gallbladder in the liver area, so that the liver and gallbladder can be repaired and warmed.

Then I rolled to the heart area, and the green gas became a red cloud, covering the heart area. The cloud seemed to have golden light to the heart muscle, and the cardiovascular radiation made the heart muscle feel warm and comfortable. It seemed to be as smooth as the cold medicine; then to the spleen area.Rolling, the red cloud turns into a golden color, radiates to the spleen, stomach, pancreas, duodenum, and the spleen area seems to have a feeling of massage.

The upper abdomen feels comfortable; then the golden color gas turns into a few white clouds, drifting to the lungs, covering the two lung areas, the white clouds seem to have thousands of rays of light, shot to the lungs of the two lungs, trachea, bronchi, so thatThe turbidity and foreign matter in the trachea seem to be cleaning, dissolving, excluding the body, feeling the chest, the lungs are particularly comfortable, then the white clouds turn into blue balloons, slowly rolling along the spine to the life gate, making the sides of the spine warm as spring is particularly comfortable.After the temperature in the door and the two kidneys, the gas is rolled into the abdominal cavity, and the gas turns white. It rolls down to the perineum for 21 times, causing the perineum to heat up, the gas is divided into two segments, and the thigh is wrapped around the thigh.Radiation to the joints, joints along the calf, gas to the toe joints, so that the two feet feel relaxed, two gas in the Yongquan point, it seems that the stocks out of the body.

Then, the stocks are injected into the body from Yongquan Point. The recovered gas is in the reorganization part of the two shares. One is reorganized from the Taixi point along the small, the thigh enters the abdominal cavity and the Dantian warms up.Injected Kunlun points, along the small, outside the thigh into the abdomen, chest, neck straight head to the head of the head into the head, feel the head has a cool feeling.

銆€銆€The third is to stimulate the holy water and irrigate the five internal organs.

Sitting quietly every day, the tongue resists the upper jaw, and the tongue constantly stirs in the mouth to stimulate the holy water. From the physiological point of view, there are three pairs of glands, sublingual glands, subgingival glands and parotid glands in the mouth, which is the main source of salivation.It can secrete 1000 to 1500 ml a day and night.

“Inner Power Map” said: “To wait for the gods to reach the water, and then to swallow again, so three times, Shenshui nine times swallowed, swallowed and snorted, and hundreds of veins harmonized” holy water full mouth, with the idea method, swallowedUp to the purpose of maintaining the five internal organs.

First of all, I thought of two kidneys, nourishing yin and tonifying the kidney. Secondly, I thought of the liver area, Pingganyang, liver and gallbladder normal, once again, the heart area, the heart fire, the heart is normal, the fourth mouth, the spleen area, the stomach and spleen,Normal gastrointestinal, fifth mouth, intentional lung area, clear lung turbidity, normal lungs, the god water stimulated by the tongue, sweet in taste, it can cure inflammation and exercise.