How to prevent hand, foot and mouth disease in spring


How to prevent hand, foot and mouth disease in spring

There is no doubt that spring is a season when various infectious diseases occur. At present, parents and children should especially prevent the prevention of hand-foot-mouth disease.

Hand, foot and mouth disease is an acute infectious disease caused by a virus in the body. It mostly occurs in preschool children, especially in the age group below 3 years old.

The main symptoms are maculopathy, herpes, and herpes in the hands, feet, mouth, and parts. Meningitis, encephalitis, encephalomyelitis, pulmonary edema, and circulation disorders can occur in a few severe cases.

Most are caused by EV71 infection, and the main causes of death are severe brainstem encephalitis and neurogenic pulmonary edema.

Patients and recessive infections reset the source of infection.

It is mainly transmitted through the digestive tract, respiratory tract, and close contact.

Common cases are: acute onset, fever, scattered herpes in the oral mucosa, maculopapular rashes in the hands, feet, and tibia, herpes, inflammatory redness around the herpes, and residual fluid in the blister.

May be accompanied by cough, runny nose, and loss of appetite.

Some diabetes manifests only as rash or herpetic angina.

The prognosis is good.

Severe cases: Meningitis, encephalitis, encephalomyelitis, pulmonary edema, circulatory disorders, etc. can occur in a few cases (especially those under 3 years old). The disease is dangerous and can cause death or sequelae.

Family prevention: Hand, foot and mouth disease is transmitted in various and complex ways.

Patients’ feces, herpes fluids, respiratory secretions and their contaminated hands and towels, handkerchiefs, drinking glasses, toys, food utensils, milk utensils, bedding, underwear and medical supplies spread the disease.

Therefore, family prevention of hand, foot and mouth disease is important.


Wash your hands with soap or hand sanitizer when you return home after meals. Do not allow children to drink raw water and cold food.


Parents should wash their hands before handling children or change diapers, handle feces, and properly dispose of garbage.


Baby bottles and pacifiers should be cleaned before and after use to prevent bacterial infection.


During the hand, foot and mouth disease epidemic, it is not advisable to bring children to crowded public places with poor air circulation.

Pay attention to keeping the home environment sanitary.

The room should be ventilated frequently, and the clothes should be dry frequently.


If children have related symptoms, they should go to the medical institution in time, and do not let the children treated at home contact other children.

Parents should dry or disinfect the children’s clothing in a timely manner.

Disinfect the feces of children in time.

Mild children do not need to be hospitalized and can be treated at home.

At the same time, pay attention to rest to avoid cross infection.