Liu Xiaoyun started looking for a topic,After all, if you keep being so cold,Qin Liang’s face is not good……Mainly because everyone doesn’t know each other,So I can’t get busy。


“Okay……Usually, Sister Tan always thinks of ways to organize a small game,Small activities or something,otherwise,Really boring。”
A male soldier answered。
“What do the younger sisters usually do??”
The beginning of the topic,I said it naturally,So Liu Xiaoyun took on a lively work,Fortunately, her mouth is so good,Beautiful people,So we talked for a while,Everyone’s words began to increase,And Shen Ruoxue slowly joined the chat。Qin Liang was secretly happy,It seems good to have Liu Xiaoyun by his side,As long as she is in any situation,Can turn things around。And more importantly;This girl not only has a tacit understanding with herself,And also smart,Know when to help yourself,Know how to help myself

Just come down,The home game of the chat is left to Liu Xiaoyun to preside over the overall situation,Qin Liang started eating,I occasionally interrupted and said a few words,Beat the side drum。
“Say,Sister Yanzi,Sister Shen Ruoxue,Junior sister Liu Xiaoyun,Tell us about your battle overseas!We have been admiring you for a long time!”
Lin Hao made a request on behalf of his brothers。“We don’t want to talk about that……Because you only know that we won the battle,But do you know that we sacrificed six brothers??Do you know that we seriously injured four comrades in arms?You know that one of our sisters has a baby in the belly soon,But that
Did the baby’s father fail to come back from overseas with us??”
Liu Xiaoyun said suddenly。
Qin Liang and everyone were stunned!Because no one knows why Liu Xiaoyun suddenly said a few words like this……
“I suggest;Let’s toast the six brothers who are no longer there!”
Liu Xiaoyun stood up holding a drink,Speak loudly。
This time from Qin Liang,Hula la all stood up,Such a proposal。Who won’t respond!
A glass of wine,Everyone took their seats。
“Since you want to hear that battle,Then I won’t tell our story,Just tell the story of our six brothers……”
Liu Xiaoyun looked at everyone,Seems to be seeking your opinions。Naturally, everyone agreed,So Liu Xiaoyun took Qin Liang and ten of them into the tiger’s den,The process of giving up life and saving the hostages,Tell me vividly,She speaks with eloquence,Quite fascinating,Even Qin Liang is a witness,Are attracted by her story