Xia Chenglong’s face was cruel,It didn’t stop because of the other party’s swallowing,Instead, it increased the throughput of Yuanhuo!


burn,Keep burning!
To prepare for this time,He held a lot of pills to restore spiritual power in his mouth,Just come in handy right now。
The pill fell into the abdomen,A pure spiritual power pours into the body again,Yuanhuo is more vigorous!
after an hour……
The flame still exists,Rubble still exists,No changes at all!
Xia Chenglong frowned,Follow this loss,In another hour his spiritual power will be exhausted,Is it going to end in failure??
“old man,Are you sure this method is useful?”
“uncertain,But you have a better way?”Old Bai said flatly!
Uh……It seems really not!
Although there seems to be no change,But Xia Chenglong can still feel the difference,At least the feeling of being absorbed before is gone,Now it’s just burning!
“Made,I ate with you today,I’m going to see when you can do it?”Xia Chenglong said to himself to the rubble,Keep doing what is right now!
If it wasn’t for his special technique,So the stored aura is much more than the normal body,It’s really hard to say at the moment!
Just like this one hour passed!
Brother Xia at this time even had blurred vision,Don’t know when,The clothes on my body have long been drenched with sweat,The milky flame is also much smaller!
Two hours,Even if he didn’t use any martial arts in between,But I can’t help it go on like this!