Meizi stood aside foolishly,I dare not say a word,But she has a doubt in her heart;Whose girlfriend is Yang Shiyun Qin Liang and Song Junming??How do you feel that this scene is so complicated and complicated……


Cried for a long time,Yang Shiyun finally cried happily,The negative emotions that have been suppressed in my heart are also vented a lot,So she slowly changed from crying to sobbing。
“Wipe your tears……”
Song Junming until now,Finally came out a word。
Yang Shiyun ignored him,But obediently wiped his tears with a tissue。
“Let’s not discuss this matter,Things have happened,It’s useless to say anything,I only have one word to say;Song Junming,Please be a good person in the future,Even if not for anyone,Please also read on the feeling that Shiyun has taken so much pressure and pain for you,Thank you。”
Qin Liang frowned and said to Song Junming very seriously。
“I’m a bastard!”
Song Junming whispered to himself with a pained look。
“Yes,You are indeed a bastard,You are welcome。”
Qin Liang’s expressionless answer。
“All right……Stop talking,Jun Ming,You now have a chance to start life again,You must promise me;Cherish every day in the future,Wait for you to do it,I will do everything possible to ease your relationship with your family。”
Yang Shiyun stopped sobbing,Whispered to Song Junming。
Her eyes are completely swollen from crying,Originally delicate and beautiful little face,It’s terrible now,But no one thinks she looks funny now,But I feel very distressed……
“I have no face to see my dad and mom again,I lost their faces。”