“If this courage was used in Xu Xuan’s previous transaction,,Then they made a profit?No matter how bold it is now, it doesn’t make much sense.”


“WhoTMother knows that Xu Xuan can be like this?”
The management of the Suns is also scolding,They really don’t know!
If you know, it’s the Pacer’s turn?
But now it’s too late to say anything,The management of the sun is about to blow up the phone these days,can“Big bird”Old Bi just doesn’t answer,What can you do?
In fact, more than the Suns team has called Bird,Countless people are calling Bird,Can’t count.
Xu Xuan is a Xiangguo now,It’s like Monk Tang, everyone wants to take a bite.
But Larry·Bird knew very well,Xu Xuan is not for sale!
Not for sale like pickled peppers!
No one can handle it now!
“damn it,What can the immature Xu Xuan keep??”
They are all saying that。
Kolari·Bird now has a fire dream in his heart,If someday,Xu Xuan is no longer immature,Pickled peppers re-emerge,How powerful the Pacers should be?