“Unlucky for me!”Blonde chick looked at him viciously,“You wait for me,Next time there is a chance,I will thank you so much!”


“thank”this phrase,She increased her tone,Obviously not a good word。
Shen Huan stopped the blond chick who had turned around,By the way, handed her her backpack。
“how?”Blonde chick not picking up,Obviously know that there can be no such good thing。
“You help me keep it,Wait till i need it,You send me back。”Shen Huan said。
The blonde chick couldn’t help but sneer,“Are you crazy?You are not afraid that I ran away with these antique calligraphy and painting,Never found again?”
“Did you forget it?”
Shen Huan took out his phone,Shook。
Only then did the blonde girl remember,I was photographed by this stinky guy!
If Shen Huan gave this photo to the police.Observe,Then she would be bad,Don’t even think about coming out to meet people in your whole life。
“Do you think i will hand it over to the police.Observe?”Shen Huan saw through her mind,“Chick,I will give it to all societies in the United States,tell them,You are now holding a national treasure of more than one billion dollars worth of calligraphy and painting。Think about what will happen at that time?”
Blonde chick gritted her teeth。
To the police.Cha may just have to escape to a foreign country,But if you give it to large and small clubs,It’s useless even if she goes abroad,Those foreign clubs are still cruel。
A few million can kill,Not to mention the billions of dollars in wealth。