So than summer,Holding a mobile phone,Clearing a texter。


This begins in the eyes of the two people.,All frown,Some uncomfortable。
Fortunately, they are there.,Soon the emotions。
“You are the summer.。”
Luo Duo is active,Smile,“Getting acquainted,My name is Luo Dingfang,From lotus……”Be talking about,Suddenly stop。
Because he found this guy in front of him,It seems that I didn’t listen to myself.。
I didn’t even look at it even.。
His face is again gloomy,The eye is abortion。
The status of the seven counts of holy in the ancient weapon is really very high.。
Even if they are seen, they are seven people are the future of the ancient weapon.。
After all, it is very young.,And all have the strength of the Sheng Sheng。
Their personality may be different,But every one is very arrogant,You must not ignore yourself。
Summer is so,Future Luo King’s mouth convulsions,Eyelids,A pair of thick brows must stand up。
Confused summer,Still in low hair text messages。
He is not the so-called seven young holy,But what experienced,Persears I have already deposited。
He didn’t actively urge trouble habits,Experience a lot of things,What provocative finds,What is the virtual and a snake……Are wasting time。
Moreover,He is really in texting。
I sent a few SMS to Liu Qingqing.,Also gives Luo Qianjin,Also reply to some SMS,For example, Yunno, I haven’t seen you,There is also Yao Yu, who has been sitting in Qinghai.,And the dust in Beijing……“Ah。”
Luo Duo said,“This world,No one dares to ignore me,I don’t want to pay for my people.,Summer,are you ready……”Narrate。
Summer picking your eyebrows,Demonstration between the look,Put away your phone,Look down on。
“go away,Don’t force me to kill you.!”
Sound is not high,Even very light,Spit out from the summer mouth,Not only Luo Duo and the Ling,What makes the people who focus on this side stunned。
This guy……Too arrogant。
Although many people have heard of summer names,But not everyone has seen him。
Even some people represent the will of the martial art,I did not recognize,The youth is to let the ancient weapon‘Moon’And that the hegemony of the desire。
“What did you say? Kill me?”
After the reaction,Luo Duo is angry and laughs,“I am sitting here.,You will try it.……”“quiet!”
at this time,Suddenly came from sinking。
Go to the sound,I only see the high platform in front.,I don’t know when a middle-aged person appears.。
The original hidden hall suddenly became quiet。
Even Luo Duodian can only blame the summer.。
“I will not say nonsense.。”
Middle-aged person is dark,Wear is also extremely ordinary,A pair of eyes but bright。
Height,Swept away,Ambient,“Eight-phase nine palace,Seventeen positions,High-priced,Now auction first location,Zezhi。
No price,unlimited。”
“I have 100,000。”
“100,000 people want to buy a Zezhi?
I have 150,000。”