“There is also a deputy head of Li Ru Peng,This ambush action is Mao Chuanxiu and personally led the team.,Small nine!Your five brothers are afraid that it is cold.!”Xu Baichuan said,


In the heart http://www.putao365.cn of the heart,It turns out that you are dangerous before you have,So I paid himself to my sister.,But since it is arrested, there should be an opportunity,Say:“I am going to Beiping to try to see if I can save them out.!”
“There should be no possibility,Zeng Ce and his resilience member can be an object that Japanese has been searching.,Generally grabbing them soon will solve。”Xu Baichuan said,
“This is not necessarily,Since them know that the five brothers are the head of the anti-group,Then you will not easily let him die.。”Ritual,
“Small nine,I know your character,But from Shanghai to Beiping to have a few days ago,I am afraid you go to Beiping late.,Do you be familiar with the situation on Beiping??”Xu Baichuan does not worry,
“Even if you can’t save five brothers,Wang Kemin!Mao Chuanxiu and they must die!I want http://www.gatzo.cn to use their blood to sacrifice my brothers.!”Ritual,
“Small nine,What should you do if you ask the boss?。”
“How can the boss?,In order to keep the five brothers, you should make him fake surrender,But according to the temper of the five brothers, he can’t do this.,I have to go up to Beiping immediately.!”Rui Rui has no task this time,I want to find the United States and the British guides.,Zeng Ce did not have this mood.。
After returning to,Let Manti and Yu Xiaowei continue to stay in Shanghai to take care of Qi Lunna,He took Fu Yingxue,Song Jian,Tang Rui,Tan Lin,Sixteen Six people ride in Tianjin,Then go to Beiping。
Wait until Beiping is already January 16,Zeng Ce and Li Rupeng have been arrested for ten days.,At the Northern Rui Rui two eyes,Because he doesn’t have a little relationship here.。
“Big brother,Inquire,There are many rich families recently arrested,The devils put them all in the artillery prison that was taken by the North Ping City Octoven.,I heard that this prison will go in and basically.。”Song Jian said,
“Film prison,It is the prison of the Japanese North Police,Almost all of them are anti-Japanese,Defense strict,I want to save people.!”Qi Rui knows this prison,There are many celebrities that die in this.。
“Big brother,The problem is whether the person we have to save is still alive.。”Tan Lin said,
“I want to find someone to ask。”
“Big brother,You still have a person in Beiping?”Song Jian asked,
“That is also trying to try。”Cooperate this time I remembered the Jingshi prison prison long gold sea,This person is a character in the new world of TV dramas.,If he is a prison if he is,Perhaps you can find out what the artillery prison is,Because all in Japanese,Several prisons should have。
Like it is very disappointed,Because the prison is not called Jinhai,This will happen.,Because I don’t know how Zeng Cheung is so rescued.,So contact the local military and underground organization,Please help investigate is also fruitless。
Finally, I suddenly remembered the Tong Ren’s Pharmacy.,Tongrentang’s big lady Le Qianwen is one of the members of the group,Maybe she knows some Zeng Che。
Coqi did not dare to find someone,In the dark first,I found that Lee Wen is helping to make a money to rescue a rescued anti-group member,Because all of them are some rich families,The Japanese will give money or may put people.,Most of them are some teenage high school students.,All have a big impact,But it is impossible to know how to know。
NS670chapter Emperor Emperor
Rui Rui thought of a way close to Le Qianwen,He is a two-year young man who said that it is a single brother seek。
Le Qianwen really knows the single ride,Immediately see Rui,Ask:“You are a single brother?Why didn’t I listen to her?!”
“I am her brother.,I heard that she was arrested to come and see。”
Le Qianwen can’t shout immediately:“Man!”
“And slow,I said that it is a single brother to see you.。”Rui Rui said,
“You said that she is to see me.!See what I did?”
“I want to inquire Zeng Che, Li Ru Peng’s news.,I heard that they were rushing by Mao Chuanxiu and grabbing.。”
“who are you?”
“Don’t worry about me?,Anyway, not an enemy,I am going to see if I want to see them.。”
“Rescue them!?We also want,But what is easy?!”
“So they are still alive?”
“Should be alive,Because Mao Chuan Xiu and if you really kill them, you will be promoted.。”Le Qianwen said,