Xia Jian glanced at his watch,I think Lei Lei should be coming soon,So he simply cleaned himself up,I walked downstairs quickly。When he went downstairs,Jin Yimei is also gone,If the big office is empty。


He walked to the gate of the community,I heard a car honking。Xia Jian hurriedly turned around,Found Lei Lei walking off a http://www.51qhw.cn black Mercedes。Her long, waterfall-like hair draped over her shoulders,A cream shirt on the upper body,The lower body is toned jeans。The white shoes for leisure and leisure show off Lei Lei’s beauty and freedom。
“Mr. Xia!sorry to trouble you。I am embarrassed to call you this,But for mother’s body,I am willing to do anything”
Lei Lei shook hands with Xia Jian,Said with a smile。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Get treatment,Should be cured。With a daughter who is so caring about you,It’s only blame for your mother’s illness”
The two chatted a few words,Lei Lei opened the door of the passenger compartment of the Mercedes-Benz car。Actually Xia Jian wants to sit back,Because he doesn’t think http://www.yangyangsao.cn he and Lei Lei are very close。Besides, she is a girl,Although she is very beautiful,But Xia Jian is not that kind of person。
Lei Lei starts the car,Very familiar, drove the car towards her home。There are not many vehicles on the road at this time,So Lei Lei drove the car faster。
“President Xia!Gave my mom a needle today,Did it affect your work??”
Lei Lei drove the car,Asked with a sweet smile。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Kind of,But little effect,I can adjust,This time can still resist the Japanese”
“Hey Mr. Xia!I heard people say that you were very good at the startup group,Turn the companies into star companies in Bucheon。But then you left,Startups immediately decayed。Later you seemed to be in politics,It’s just confusing that you came back to help Xiao Xiao, the daughter of the old chairman of the venture group。Should be http://www.suninhome.cn unhappy,Now your Hongjian Group is a dark horse in this province。Suddenly you come to Bucheon again,Isn’t it a big move?!”
“Ah!You are investigating me secretly?why?Are you asking me to give your mom money? You are a little worried?”
Xia Jian said,Sideways glanced at Lei Lei who was smiling。
Lei Lei smiled and said:“You are so amazing,I can’t investigate it too much。If Mr. Xia wants to dominate again in Bucheon,,Then try to talk to me,Maybe I can help you”
“Oh!Chat with you,I really know what to talk to you?”