Wang Youfa took a long breath and said:“Busy working,Who should be invited,Just wait for the wedding tomorrow。But you have to be there first tomorrow morning,Help me watch。All people from the wedding company,I still feel a little worried”


“There is no problem with this?Who did you hire?is it a lot?”Wang Youdao couldn’t help asking such a sentence。
Wang Youfa glanced at Wang Degui and said:“Dad asked everyone in Xiping Village to come,I sent all the invitations,But it’s good to be able to come to three or five tables”
“Damn!There is no need at all,It’s a waste of invitations。The village is picking up a few households,For example, our old Wang family,It’s better,No need to send others,Such as Lao Xia,No one will go”Wang Youdao sighed and said。
Wang Degui glanced at Wang Youdao,A bit disapproving:“It’s their business to go or not,But please don’t please, that’s our family’s business。I just want to tell the villagers,My eldest son is married”
“Ok!I think our dad has a good idea,Isn’t it just a few invitations??Not come down,Come better”Wang Youfa said,Actually laughed happily。
Wang Youcai thought for a while,He lowered his voice and asked:“Did Xia Jianjia send invitations??”
“Sent it!I didn’t pull down one family,And Song Fang personally invited Xia Jian,He promised to go tomorrow。And Zhao Hong and a few cadres in the village,They all agreed”Wang Youfa said very happily。
Wang Youcai listened,I couldn’t help but frowned and said:“I don’t need to invite Xia Jian,Why do you ask him?!”
“Look at your belly,All from the same village,Besides, he is not only the head of our Xiping Village,And the mayor of Pingyang Town,What’s wrong with you asking him?”Wang Degui coldly said a few words from Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai dissatisfied,But can’t find a reasonable wording,So I lowered my head,Just don’t talk to me。Wang Youdao glanced at his father,Said in a low voice:“dad!We have a knot with this old Xia family,So we don’t want to associate with their family on some things’
“Yes indeed!This is a question of position。Our village king’s family name and Xia family’s family name,Hardly communicate。Although I can live on my face now,In private,The King Xia family ignored each other。This time I invite Lao Xia,It feels like our family is confessing to their family“Sun Yueqin said endlessly。
Wang Degui suddenly stared and roared:“You old lady still know your position?What time is it now,The kids are all back and don’t get something to eat?”
Chen Yueqin is in this home,Only Wang Degui is afraid,Do not you know why,As long as Wang Degui gets angry,She will walk away honestly“
Rural winter,It was going to be cold。Because there is no heating at home,The only place that can keep warm is this hot kang。So when Chen Yueqin walked into the kitchen,The three sons took off their shoes,Jumped on the big kang。
The cold wind outside the house is blowing,The three brothers on the kang are wrapped in quilts,I couldn’t help shrinking my body。Wang Degui took two puffs of dry tobacco,Beautifully vomited out of her nose and mouth,A very enjoyable look。
“dad!Don’t smoke you anymore,It’s bad for your health,Look at who will smoke you,People who don’t know think we can’t even afford cigarettes if we are poor“Wang Youdao suddenly said such a sentence。