He races the brain,I have squeezed an answer again.:“I guess this electrical map is right.STSegment elevated myocardial infarction!”


Li Qifeng is clear:“No pathological infarction in your homeQWave??And your home myocardial infarctionSTIs it so moving down??”
“Um?”Zhou Ye is somewhat。
Although he is an electrocardiogram?,But he knowsSTThe myocardial infarction of the segment is generalSTDown to move down01v,So he guess is myocardial ischemia.!
Then the electrical map is diagnosed with 啥?Just when I was a face,Li Qifeng’s mouth rolled over a strange smile:“You are not confident enough!”
Is there a relationship with ECG diagnosis??
Zhou Ye became more confused.,Suddenly I felt like a knowledge blind spot and dead zone!
Li Qifeng looked at the bluspicious Yeye at this http://www.etprj.cn time.,Suddenly:“Is myocardial ischemia,Your first guess is right,It is not enough to stick to it.,So I am wrong.!Let you go back more!In this way, you will have a bottom when you answer.,Be confident!”
This Nima’s pit……
Zhou Ye suddenly felt that he was played.。
“No more,Would you like me first?,I didn’t eat this lunch.。”Zhou Ye wants to start her duck leg rice,Have an idea of fighting the drum。
Li Qifeng looked at the heart failure in the heart of the heart.,“Are you doing you??”
Family is a fart?Mean this,Zhou Ye is angry!
He is an innocent small neighbor!
“This patient is not my family,I do not know him,I am the neighbor across him.。”Zhou Ye is unexpected。
at the same time,He sighed!
If it is rammed by the emergency nurse, it is hard to get an emergency.,He will not eat lunch.,Now the http://www.kali-linux.cn duck leg rice at the door is not a cold problem.,It is even possible that it has been handled by the apartment’s cleaning work.。
Li Qifeng laughed:“You are not a family member,Are you active??”
Zhou Ye turned over white eyes:“Where did I actively?,I am turning around the nurses.!”
Li Qifeng laughed even more,This emergency120Nurse’s thunderstorm style,He is clear,It must be very urgent to see time,I will take away the people in Sanqi twenty-one.。
“You are also unlucky.。”Li Qifeng still does not forget to make a knife。
Zhou Ye is finally understood,He nodded,“Yes,So I will let me go home early.。”
Li Qifeng has twisted the head as if you are looking for,The final line slowly falls to the big parquet of the rescue room.。
half past twelve。
He also took out the mobile phone to confirm the next time:“Time is not early,Don’t go back.,Just take the takeaway,Let’s take it together.。”
Don’t say,I suddenly produced a silky feeling of Li Qifeng.。
When you are with your stomach,Who can let him eat a fragrant lunch?,It’s just his regeneration parents.!
But I want to think about it,Eating in a strange place or blame,Zhou Ye finally refused:“Can’t,Q,Your meal, wait, because I have enough trouble.,That’s sorry,I still go out to find a place to eat.。”
See Yau Jiwu refused his lunch.,Dead is not enough,Li Junfeng said:“”
Li Qifeng’s voice,Blink,Say:“What do you continue to guess?。”
so boring,this person!
Fair to bully yourself http://www.jdays.cn is a heart map!