Are you submerged in men’s love rules?


Are you submerged in men’s love rules?

Some men are taciturn when dating, and some men ask for your phone but no message. They do not know that men have a set of hidden rules that women do not know when they are in love.

How did each other behave when dating you?

Help you analyze the hidden psychological rules of men when they are in love.

  On the first date, he was taciturn. On the first date, he was taciturn. Everywhere was cold. Please don’t rush to cross him first.

Experts tell us that when meeting for the first time, men’s ability to adapt to language and women are not a level at all, and the more they face women they like, the more stupid their mouths are.

  The first reaction when you feel good about you is to call. If a man likes you, the first thing in his mind is to get your call instead of giving you his call.

But in fact, a man asking for your phone does not mean that he really likes you, because more than three-quarters of men say they may not really call at all.

  Secretly look at a man’s finger. If his ring finger is longer than the index finger, it means that this guy has a higher level of testosterone, which results in stronger libido and sexual abilities.

  Retired men will not take the initiative to reduce the number of ex-girlfriends, and men will not take the initiative to delete their ex-girlfriend’s numbers from their phones.

More than a fifth of men will insist on dialing their number during the first few weeks of the breakup.

  Topics that he was least willing to touch on his first date The topics that men were least likely to touch on his first date: ex-girlfriend, financial status, time to get married.

  Where do men most like to meet girls? In the survey “Where do you most like to meet girls”, men’s first choice is “work or study occasions”, then nightclubs or bars, followed by acquaintances, and finally blind dates.

  Solitary men think of changing sheets to date. More than half of the solitary men take the initiative to think of changing the sheets, which is often the day before dating.

  The “72-hour rule” of a first date If a first date is successful, 97% of men say they will call each other within 72 hours.

And in the early days of the relationship, 80% of men said they would prefer to communicate with each other over the phone instead of texting.

  What to do most helps men to feel good about you. The test shows that the moment a woman arranges a tie for a man, scours clothes and adjusts her hat, men will absorb their “manliness” to a great extent, so it will also be moreIt’s easy to feel good about her.

  Men subconsciously prefer women who say “no” to them, believe it or not, men subconsciously prefer women who say “no” to them, because women who are always mere promises make them feel “no opinion” and therefore moreEasy to be deceived by other guys.

  Choosing a girlfriend will most likely refer to statistics from friends and prove that single men are more likely to make choices under the influence of friends, especially friends, than men in love.

When it comes to choosing a girlfriend, more than half of men will consult their friends’ opinions.

  40% of men are interested in heterosexuality in the office. A survey of white-collar workers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou showed that more than 40% of men admitted to having been heterosexual in the office.

  When a man puts his knowledge in front of you, an expert analyzes that when a man puts his knowledge about pop culture in front of you (such as “Have you watched the latest video on YouTube?

“), Or revealing one’s personality (such as” I really don’t like the hustle and bustle of many people “), his subconscious mind is selling his mating ability.

  When will he want to settle with you? When will he have the thought to settle with you?

21% of men long for love once they start falling in love, 35% of men think that at least one month to observe the idea, 18% of men wait for months to make a commitment, and 10% of men think that as long as it happensOnce you have a relationship, you will be responsible.